Interventional Pulmonology


(3 months)


About the Program

Interventional pulmonology is a new field within pulmonary medicine that focuses on the use of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to treat patients with lung cancer, benign airway disorders and pleural diseases. Developed by the EPS International Medical Partners and Medical center of North America/ America Universities, training program in interventional pulmonology is organized with the primary goal to foster excellence in Bronchology and other Interventional Pulmonology related areas. This training program has grown over and has brought together a large number of physicians with strong interests in Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology. More importantly, we have established international contacts with Bronchologists and Interventional Pulmonologists contributing to patient care. We hope that your visit to this website will stimulate your interest in Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology. Our goal is to make your visit an interesting and stimulating experience! We encourage contact with our visitors and hope that you will join the ranks of our growing membership. On completion of this program the fellow will be competent in the performance of advanced diagnostic and interventional bronchoscopic and pleural procedures. The fellow will acquire the knowledge and skills required to recognize, investigate, and manage large airway obstructions, intrathoracic malignant diseases and pleural diseases. The fellow will develop advanced expertise in all aspects of diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy as well as in Thoracic Oncology.

Training Duration

Three Months


The location for this program will be Medical Center of America/ North America Universities.


Outstanding and experienced faculty of America/North America Universities.

Targeted Trainees

Clinical Fellow, residents and Junior Faculty Clinical Researchers in all Medical subspecialties are welcomed. The program is also beneficial for fellows in training and practitioners who wish to review both the established standards of care and recent basic and clinical advances in interventional pulmonology.

Main Topics

The various subspecialty programs offered in interventional pulmonology are:

–        Amyloidosis

–        Asthma

–        Benign pleural effusion

–        Benign tumors of the airways or lungs

–        Bronchial stenosis

–        Intrathoracic malignancy

–        Complications of tracheostomy and intubation

–        Diffuse lung diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis

–        Foreign body extraction

–        Hemoptysis

–        Lung cancer

–        Lung nodule and lung mass

–        Malignant pleural effusion

–        Mediastinal adenopathy/enlarged lymph nodes

–        Relapsing polychondritis

–        Tracheal stenosis

–        Tracheobronchomalacia

–         Pleural Procedures

–        Therapeutic interventions

Training Housing

All applicants accepted to the training program will be arranged to stay in designated apartments located close to the training site for the duration of the training. Fellows requesting other accommodations will be reimbursed only for the amount that organizer would have been charged for the complimentary accommodations offered as part of the package.