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International Conferences

EPS organize more than fifty international conferences annually all over the world, including mainland China and Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Italy, Canada, Sweden and the United States and covering important topics in the field of life sciences, biotechnology, energy, high technology, tourism etc.

With the establishment of friendly relations between the EPS and more than 200 hospitals and institutes in more than twenty provinces in China and increasingly wide range of international academic exchange and cooperation, the organizations of a series of international medical activities and experts invited to the meeting will be rapidly develop In the next few years

SCI Articles Publication

Services include:

* Choosing and recommending suitable SCI journals;
* Translating SCI papers from Chinese to English;
* Editing SCI papers;
* Submitting SCI papers

Our team include:

* Experts and scholars with years of experience in medical field

The scope of papers:

* Biophysics, biochemistry, physiology, molecular and cell biology, bioengineering, biomathematics, biostatistics, molecular genetics, imaging, immunology, pharmacology, toxicology, pathology and clinical medicine.

International Doctors Observership Program

EPS is currently the largest organization cooperating with overseas counterparts among China, including Taiwan, Korea, Japan and other countries. We have long-term relationship with McGill Medical Center, Heart Institute, University of Ottawa, Harvard University Hospital, Fox chase Cancer Center, University of Texas, Nepal Guarda Hospital, Italy, Karolinska University College, and others. EPS is also the organization by which overseas medical institutions cooperate with China mainland, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and other countries. Through cooperating with EPS, the world's top medical centers give the professional training to Asian countries to strengthen physicians, medical researchers, who acquire the latest technology and research capability, which are able to better serve local patients after their fellowships. Our tasks include training professional physicians and medical researchers from more than 200 large hospitals in China mainland and research institutes with the purpose of establishing solid foundation to open markets.

EPS China

As the only independent subsidiary of Canada's EPS International Medical Inc in China mainland area, EPS China Co. Ltd. has located its headquarters in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province, the "Capital of Ten Dynasties" With the operation of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, the Land distances between Nanjing and Shanghai and between Nanjing and Beijing are shortened by over one hour and more than three hours respectively, which makes travelling from Nanjing to the two cities very convenient.

EPS was founded in April 2007 and its headquarter is located at Montreal of Canada. EPS is currently one of the multinational exchange companies enjoying the largest scale, widest market coverage and the highest number of businesses in the global academic field of medical science. The company focuses on academic exchanges and cooperation in the field of medical science between Asia and Europe and North America and its businesses cover over a dozen of regions in Asia, Europe and North America and more than forty countries. It has important businesses in the following countries and regions:USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, U.K.,Sweden, Japan, South Korea, South-East Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China's mainland areas. Through continuous development in China, EPS has become the largest base for overseas further educaion, study and training in the world, and an institutiong organizing import of internaional medical technologies, paper presentation at SCI and internaional academic conferences. Every year, it organizes over 500 exchange programs in China's mainland.

To this day, EPS has successfully cooperated with more than 200 medical institutions in China's mainland areas, which involve various medical institutions including subordinate ones of PEC's Ministry of Health, and secondary and tertiary ones in over 20 provinces throughout China. By doing so, EPS has singnificantly promoted exchanges and cooperation between Chinese medical institutions and their overseas counterparts in latest medical technologies and management, which has broadened people's vision, sharpened their thinking and solidly boosted medical level and management performance of China's domestic medical institution.

Currently, EPS China Co.Ltd. actively searching for partners, expecting to provide assistance to more medical institutions and teams in medical industry go out of China to other parts of the world for participation in international cooperation and exchanges, so that both EPS and the partners can jointly prompt development of China's medical undertaking.

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